Monday, November 23, 2009

Some updates!

Hey People! Wassup! Had a life drawing session in office last Wednesday! Here's what I did:

5 Minutes Drawing:
Yon Hui

7-8 minutes Drawing:
Paw Tsuan & Steve

Haha... My life drawing needs more practice... It's been so long... :/ Here is a unfinish drawing I did.. as usual, just the face only! hahaha :P

Trying out realism again... Damn, my drawing is so cartoony...

Anyways, sorry for not updating for so long, facing computer problems... It was so slow everytime I draw and it died for a while... One stroke on the tablet, it lags! D: Will try to update often so please bear with me my dear friends!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Keep it going! ^__^b

Yes, having the mood to keep drawing is good for me! Some doodles I did today after work...

1 hour+?

1-2 hours... On and off... XD

I kinda like the second piece but my shoulder is aching and I'm getting tired so I cincai finish it... lolz XD Well, hope to see more works coming from me! More doodles to pick back up my tablet drawing skills! Jia you Elaine!! X3

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Havent update this blog for a long time... Have been busy! Here is a old background speed paint I painted in college months ago... LOL finally update hahaha

1 hour+ bg speed paint practice

Since I didn't draw for so long... Here is another doodle I doodled for practice...

1 hour + face paint for fun!

Gosh, it's been so long since I've painted and I've rusted so much... took me a long time to draw now... need to pick up my skill again but everytime come back from office I feel so tired and want to laze around... DX I think the laptop color display not accurate, I using laptop to color this doodle so the color might run... rolls... more to come I hope! O_o

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Speed Paint + Doodles

Today was a syok sendiri day... End up speed painting in lab instead of doing work... XD Speed paint entitled : Geisha~ Participants are me, Wye Ee, Yon Hui and Danny~ (Mandy need to leave half way thru the speed paint) Here's mine~

1 hour+

Another speed paint with Wye Ee just now and the theme is just paint background. Anything as long its a background... about 30 minutes+:

30 minutes+

Trying another color scheme and so not use to this color scheme... hahahah not enough depth and don't really like it... blek! I did some extra doodling in lab after the Geisha Speed Paint! here it is:

Random Girl Doodle, 30 minutes or lesser
30 minutes+, Landscape practice!

And last but not least:

Hahaha! Today really had fun painting all this stuff! XD As usual, need more practice! D: I like the blue landscape I painted today... damn, I'm too pampered with the colors I'm used too... Need to get out of this comfort zone! RAWR!!! XD Chia Yo and nitey nitez peeps! =3

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Speed Paint : Shota

Really did the speed paint with the theme "Shota!" HAHAHAHA!!! XD Another session with Wye Ee, Ai-chan, Yon Hui and Terence! Here is my piece of SHOTAAAAAA!!! XD

Shota-Corn! boahahahahaha! Being lame again! XDXD I tried to finish within 1 hour but I exceed the time again; 1 hour 25 minutes! DX wasted time at thinking what to draw! took so much time there! and omfg~! My anatomy so WTF! DX hahaha anyways, this session suppose to have more people but some weren't online yet and some were tired jor so didn't join.... '__' We shall have more people joining us again! XD Here are the others:

Yon Hui
Wye Ee

The others were cute and unique XDXDXD hahaha Speed Paint is getting fun~ Do let me know if any of you guys want to have a speed paint session. Leave a message here if you are interested to join our next speed paint session XD We'll try to do it together when got the chance and time ;) hehe till the next session~ laterz~ XD

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Speed Paint : Loli

Had a speed paint session with Ai-chan, Wye Ee, Hikari, Yon Hui and a new friend, Dann~ Haha welcome to our speed paint and looking forward to see you join us more often! ;) Anyways, the theme is "Loli"~ Hikari's favourite theme I think... LOL XD haha This is what I drew~
Yea... Eat big lolipop~ haha... Was having trouble finding the right composition DX and oh gosh, this piece took me 1hour and 30 minutes! wasted too much time! Must not care about details next time... Just paint rough rough~ anyways, this is the others work which is brilliant as well!

Wye Ee
Yon Hui

Most of us draw loli's eating lolipop hahaha! Next time the theme will be shota! haha! Another fun session! Thanks again! Nitez and Cheers! ;)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Speed Paint : Very long title...

Had a speed paint session with Wye Ee, Ashley, Yon Hui and Yong Kang~ The theme was "Hyperactive Strawberry Human Groove." You can pick any words from it... I tried to do all... Hope I manage to do it... Here it is:

Did it in 1 hour+... I was being lame... I separated the "Straw" and the "berry." The straw have the "XO" face... Add in a hyper active girl dancing or grooving on the berries *_* The girl looks like a chili or pepper character from a four coma but I don't remember what it is... Did I make it????? D: Hope I did and I kinda like how it turns out... So colorful XD This is the others work! They're really lovely and great too! hahaha

Wye Ee
Yon Hui
Yong Kang

Overall it was a fun session! Thanks for joining and hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did! =)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Doodles and Sketches

Here is some work I've did in the previous weeks or days. Trying to practice my drawing when I got the mood/chance. Yes... Waiting myself to get the mood is REALLY hard this days... Geez.... I sounded like an old lady...

Practicing some color scheme
I did CG this at first but I hated it so I deleted the layer XD Emo drawing

Some practices I did last week
Today me, Wye Ee and Yon Hui had a speed sketch session with the theme; "Tree House." Here is what I did.

I'm weak in drawing anything other than anime faces. So lately trying to push myself to practice more on something I'm really weak at and also practice my design sense... Yes... I don't have them... sigh =( Just need to constantly draw something at the very least... T_T

When you're really down with your skills, you will start to think where is your passion? I'm worried that I'm losing them. I don't know why I like or even started drawing but Disney really make an impact in my art life and so is Sailormoon and Dragon Ball... Hope this passion I've always had since my childhood wouldn't die out... I'm officially graduating soon and I'm really not on par with the current industry... I must not be lazy! GWAH!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Speed Paint : Rain

Another speed paint session with Wye Ee, Yon Hui and Yong Kang. The theme is rain. Initialy I wanted to draw Rain God but then I realize how bad I am in drawing cloud shapes so draw an after rain landscape...

Yeaps, no kuso drawing because trying to get myself out of my comfort zone... My basics is so horrible and my color sense... Thinking about it makes me Orz... Been trying to practice dirty colors but it is so hard. It either make ur drawing so contrast or so dirty.. +_+ More to practice~

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Girl Doodle

Another doodle and practice on different color scheme. I got lazy at the lower body so my apologize if the boobies/shoulder/colar bone looks distorted XDXDXD but I like the face. Don't look like my usual style and the coloring is a bit dull... Testing on dirty colors... Need more practice...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Speed Sketch + Landscape Practice

Had a speed sketch session with Wye Ee and Yon Hui in college today. The first theme is "Ah~♥ + Urgh + Cheese~" So here is what I did:

My pencil sure have degraded... Orz... Did this within 2o minutes I think. The next one is with the theme "Apple" and so here it is:

Wanted to draw a character so tried to think as simple as I can which is a girl with the shape of an apple as her head stepping on a bunch of apples... Straight forward for practice~ Coolies! XD Kinda like how this turn out so might find a time to CG this piece XD Wye Ee's and Yon Hui's one quite nice as well~ Wye Ee sure addict to this expression "oAo" or "=A=" XDXDXD

After the speed sketch, I go and practice painting landscape... Wanted to practice how to control colors to create depth in a work. I really suck in creating depth =_= Time to leave my comfort zone of keep drawing heads! So here it is :

First doodle, slowly don't like it so didn't finish it and change to the next piece

Trying a different color scheme, kinda like this turn out~

Yea, I like the second piece doodle XD I got syok while coloring it so it took a bit more time to paint or random splat colors on it at home. If I have the mood, will try to make this piece even more finish... I shall keep this practicing up... Must not keep drawing heads~ Concepts and ideas~ *dies thinking about it* XDXD

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Speed Paint : Fire Extinguisher

Got invited to speed paint by Yon Hui and the theme was "Fire Extinguisher." Done it about 30-40 minutes. Here is what I have painted :

Wanted to do something that feels a bit comic-ish and try some other drawing style but I guess it is still my usual style... It's proven that I can't paint serious things and my brain can only think humour or random silly stuff... Got hype on this piece so I made it into a comic strip and add some extra drawings:

Yea... Was trying to tell that he tried to put off the fire with his weird ways but didn't manage... XDXDXD oh well~ Hope you enjoy this piece~ Kinda like how it turn out for me ;) Cheers!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WIP - Wind Blows

Tried to paint in 1 layer again in photoshop. Started this drawing last week I think... Was doing this on and off when in college... Haven't finish yet... Will try to find my time to finish it. Please do drop me some c&c if possible. Need some critics and comments to improve this one... When you stop painting and you look back at it few days later... damn, the proportion is so off and I starting to hate it swt... DX

No boobs!!! XD

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Speed Paint : Contemplation

Did a speed paint session with a whole bunch of people... The topic is "contemplation." This are the links to the other great speed paint works! its awesome so check it out:

And this is what I did for the speed paint. Hope your eye don't bleed! XD

Yea, it was fun doing this... felt so funny when doing the... flower part XDXDXDXD hehehehe well it was a fun session! XD shall do more kuso stuff when got the chance! hehehehehe :D

Thursday, February 5, 2009


First post! Doodles done in class yesterday...

At first this drawing didn't look that bad but I kinda ruin it... lol

Kinda like how this turn out coz she looks cute to me! hahahaha *perasans*

Below here are the many many works that I haven't finish... Most of the works here are about 2006-2008.. I don't remember the order so yeaa... I can't remember the timeline... DX

Was trying to refer to the ways Loish colors.

I think I doodled this during 2d Flash Animation class O.o

Was trying to paint everything in one layer... whoohooo XD

Trying to do Benjamin's style... XD

Drawings that I seriously can't remember when I drew it...

Random doodle with mouse in the 3d lab2 and I find it quite cute... XDDD

Wanted to try realism but it failed... D:

Trying different color scheme...

Whoaaa! the emo aura!! haha... Last year I think O.o Something about dreams.

SUPER OLD DRAWING! XD I think its 2006-2007... Inspired by Kyoto Jazz Massive: Mind Expansions...

Do you realize the common thing among this drawings???? most of them are... HEADS and they're looking to their left.... XDDDD lame la me... Should have draw more body when I was young... anatomy bad mee... DX