Thursday, February 5, 2009


First post! Doodles done in class yesterday...

At first this drawing didn't look that bad but I kinda ruin it... lol

Kinda like how this turn out coz she looks cute to me! hahahaha *perasans*

Below here are the many many works that I haven't finish... Most of the works here are about 2006-2008.. I don't remember the order so yeaa... I can't remember the timeline... DX

Was trying to refer to the ways Loish colors.

I think I doodled this during 2d Flash Animation class O.o

Was trying to paint everything in one layer... whoohooo XD

Trying to do Benjamin's style... XD

Drawings that I seriously can't remember when I drew it...

Random doodle with mouse in the 3d lab2 and I find it quite cute... XDDD

Wanted to try realism but it failed... D:

Trying different color scheme...

Whoaaa! the emo aura!! haha... Last year I think O.o Something about dreams.

SUPER OLD DRAWING! XD I think its 2006-2007... Inspired by Kyoto Jazz Massive: Mind Expansions...

Do you realize the common thing among this drawings???? most of them are... HEADS and they're looking to their left.... XDDDD lame la me... Should have draw more body when I was young... anatomy bad mee... DX

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