Thursday, August 12, 2010

Speed Paint : Posemaniac

Another speed paint session with Aiori and Terra~ Just get a pose from posemaniacs and choose one pose to draw... Since I rarely draw a guy so I tried drawing a guy... I worried that mine looks like a girl lolz! Suppose to finish in 30 minutes but i took 1/2 hour to draw artline and another 1/2 hour to color, in total 1 hour to finish this ==lll Done with Sai~ :)

I actually like jumping poses, need more practice on this poses~ :D

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Speed Paint : Girl

Speed paint with Aiori and Terra~ :D Supposely 1 hour painting but it took 1 1/2 hour including eating apple and looking for inspiration XD hope you like it... I notice I kinda like vibrant orange color now... ==ll Reference use and my first attempt on shiba inu... I make it so the chubby lolz!


Trying out dirty colors to color... fail horribly...

Random doodle of hyperness

Random sketches, I like the little girl on the bottom left~

I have serious art block at the moment... can't think of what to draw... sigh... trying to draw for CF but I can't think of a good composition... Orz... I got a lot of random sketches or doodles in my sketch book, will scan some of the sketches when I feel like it... Inspiration please come T__T