Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WIP - Wind Blows

Tried to paint in 1 layer again in photoshop. Started this drawing last week I think... Was doing this on and off when in college... Haven't finish yet... Will try to find my time to finish it. Please do drop me some c&c if possible. Need some critics and comments to improve this one... When you stop painting and you look back at it few days later... damn, the proportion is so off and I starting to hate it swt... DX

No boobs!!! XD

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Speed Paint : Contemplation

Did a speed paint session with a whole bunch of people... The topic is "contemplation." This are the links to the other great speed paint works! its awesome so check it out:

And this is what I did for the speed paint. Hope your eye don't bleed! XD

Yea, it was fun doing this... felt so funny when doing the... flower part XDXDXDXD hehehehe well it was a fun session! XD shall do more kuso stuff when got the chance! hehehehehe :D