Sunday, April 26, 2009

Speed Paint : Rain

Another speed paint session with Wye Ee, Yon Hui and Yong Kang. The theme is rain. Initialy I wanted to draw Rain God but then I realize how bad I am in drawing cloud shapes so draw an after rain landscape...

Yeaps, no kuso drawing because trying to get myself out of my comfort zone... My basics is so horrible and my color sense... Thinking about it makes me Orz... Been trying to practice dirty colors but it is so hard. It either make ur drawing so contrast or so dirty.. +_+ More to practice~

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Girl Doodle

Another doodle and practice on different color scheme. I got lazy at the lower body so my apologize if the boobies/shoulder/colar bone looks distorted XDXDXD but I like the face. Don't look like my usual style and the coloring is a bit dull... Testing on dirty colors... Need more practice...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Speed Sketch + Landscape Practice

Had a speed sketch session with Wye Ee and Yon Hui in college today. The first theme is "Ah~♥ + Urgh + Cheese~" So here is what I did:

My pencil sure have degraded... Orz... Did this within 2o minutes I think. The next one is with the theme "Apple" and so here it is:

Wanted to draw a character so tried to think as simple as I can which is a girl with the shape of an apple as her head stepping on a bunch of apples... Straight forward for practice~ Coolies! XD Kinda like how this turn out so might find a time to CG this piece XD Wye Ee's and Yon Hui's one quite nice as well~ Wye Ee sure addict to this expression "oAo" or "=A=" XDXDXD

After the speed sketch, I go and practice painting landscape... Wanted to practice how to control colors to create depth in a work. I really suck in creating depth =_= Time to leave my comfort zone of keep drawing heads! So here it is :

First doodle, slowly don't like it so didn't finish it and change to the next piece

Trying a different color scheme, kinda like this turn out~

Yea, I like the second piece doodle XD I got syok while coloring it so it took a bit more time to paint or random splat colors on it at home. If I have the mood, will try to make this piece even more finish... I shall keep this practicing up... Must not keep drawing heads~ Concepts and ideas~ *dies thinking about it* XDXD

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Speed Paint : Fire Extinguisher

Got invited to speed paint by Yon Hui and the theme was "Fire Extinguisher." Done it about 30-40 minutes. Here is what I have painted :

Wanted to do something that feels a bit comic-ish and try some other drawing style but I guess it is still my usual style... It's proven that I can't paint serious things and my brain can only think humour or random silly stuff... Got hype on this piece so I made it into a comic strip and add some extra drawings:

Yea... Was trying to tell that he tried to put off the fire with his weird ways but didn't manage... XDXDXD oh well~ Hope you enjoy this piece~ Kinda like how it turn out for me ;) Cheers!