Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Speed Sketch + Landscape Practice

Had a speed sketch session with Wye Ee and Yon Hui in college today. The first theme is "Ah~♥ + Urgh + Cheese~" So here is what I did:

My pencil sure have degraded... Orz... Did this within 2o minutes I think. The next one is with the theme "Apple" and so here it is:

Wanted to draw a character so tried to think as simple as I can which is a girl with the shape of an apple as her head stepping on a bunch of apples... Straight forward for practice~ Coolies! XD Kinda like how this turn out so might find a time to CG this piece XD Wye Ee's and Yon Hui's one quite nice as well~ Wye Ee sure addict to this expression "oAo" or "=A=" XDXDXD

After the speed sketch, I go and practice painting landscape... Wanted to practice how to control colors to create depth in a work. I really suck in creating depth =_= Time to leave my comfort zone of keep drawing heads! So here it is :

First doodle, slowly don't like it so didn't finish it and change to the next piece

Trying a different color scheme, kinda like this turn out~

Yea, I like the second piece doodle XD I got syok while coloring it so it took a bit more time to paint or random splat colors on it at home. If I have the mood, will try to make this piece even more finish... I shall keep this practicing up... Must not keep drawing heads~ Concepts and ideas~ *dies thinking about it* XDXD


  1. the red and black forest one so nice! MOOOOOOOOOOOD!!

  2. thank you!!! glad you like it! mood practice indeed! XD

  3. i still like the sunny plain though~ suits ma~ HAHAH

  4. lol! well it is cheery and really make a yipi sound! XD

  5. The last one has very nice mood :D and the applegirl head very nice design!

  6. Thanks~ I might make a series of fruit characters XDXDXD hehehe :)

  7. like the landscape paintings.. after rain!! nice colors and mood!