Saturday, April 11, 2009

Speed Paint : Fire Extinguisher

Got invited to speed paint by Yon Hui and the theme was "Fire Extinguisher." Done it about 30-40 minutes. Here is what I have painted :

Wanted to do something that feels a bit comic-ish and try some other drawing style but I guess it is still my usual style... It's proven that I can't paint serious things and my brain can only think humour or random silly stuff... Got hype on this piece so I made it into a comic strip and add some extra drawings:

Yea... Was trying to tell that he tried to put off the fire with his weird ways but didn't manage... XDXDXD oh well~ Hope you enjoy this piece~ Kinda like how it turn out for me ;) Cheers!


  1. The Fart Panel , horny Panel , Farting the fire off XD nice one so funny , if you create a card out of this I'll defenitely buy !

  2. haha you and your fart~ while you post it in everywhere you can see it XD hahaha... /swt glad you like it!

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