Sunday, May 30, 2010

Updates whee

Heyo, finally got myself to finish up this piece.. Kinda got lazy to do it... skin too orange o.o

Me enjoying bus ride while listening to my mp3 player

I didn't listen to mp3 while riding bus anymore though... kinda want some peace lately while napping in bus... wheee~ Did another random doodle~ Here you go:

Shoujo mode~~~

Always wanted to try paint something simple like this... think I took about 1 hour + to finish this... Was trying to get the right pose +_+ Weak in anatomy thus take a long time to draw the pose... lol then color it up really quick... Kinda like simplicity~ hope you like it too! wheeee time to sleep! so take care fellows ;)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sketches + Doodle

Have been sketching lately and I am getting addicted to sketching with pen~ XD Here you go~ Some of them are reference from Emerson's blog... Its so inspiring looking at his artblog *__*

Mini live drawing session in office; Yon Hui, Me, Ashley and Mimi is in here! XD

Please ignore those retarded drawing especially the cuttlefish/sotong.
I enjoy drawing stupid faces.. =P

Trying to improve in drawing poses... Please visit ~ You can find loads of good reference for poses in different angles~ Can have live drawing in this site too where every 30-90 seconds (your choice) it will change pose for you to draw! its a good practice! :) Did a quick doodle before heading off to bed...
Took about 30-45 minutes

Sorry if she looks scary... Keep it going baby! XD Heading off to bed! tata!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sketches + Doodle

Was trying to draw more poses instead of faces only but I'm having a hard time doing so... this are the sketches that I did during free time in office.

Did a rough doodle in like 15-30 minutes... trying to do fast watercolor style but fail lol!

Thats all folks, hope you guys like it!