Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sketches + Doodle

Have been sketching lately and I am getting addicted to sketching with pen~ XD Here you go~ Some of them are reference from Emerson's blog... Its so inspiring looking at his artblog *__*

Mini live drawing session in office; Yon Hui, Me, Ashley and Mimi is in here! XD

Please ignore those retarded drawing especially the cuttlefish/sotong.
I enjoy drawing stupid faces.. =P

Trying to improve in drawing poses... Please visit http://posemaniacs.com/ ~ You can find loads of good reference for poses in different angles~ Can have live drawing in this site too where every 30-90 seconds (your choice) it will change pose for you to draw! its a good practice! :) Did a quick doodle before heading off to bed...
Took about 30-45 minutes

Sorry if she looks scary... Keep it going baby! XD Heading off to bed! tata!

1 comment:

  1. awesome sketches! that's a lot of sketch.. like the quality of line and the sketch!