Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WIP - Wind Blows

Tried to paint in 1 layer again in photoshop. Started this drawing last week I think... Was doing this on and off when in college... Haven't finish yet... Will try to find my time to finish it. Please do drop me some c&c if possible. Need some critics and comments to improve this one... When you stop painting and you look back at it few days later... damn, the proportion is so off and I starting to hate it swt... DX

No boobs!!! XD


  1. Haha. No boobs XD It's looking pretty good so far.. and yes, I know how it feels after looking at work after a few days.. all the mistakes pop out. Anyway, I think she feels a little too much to the right.. move her back to the center a bit maybe? and the red strip feels a little distracting.. it frames her but it leads our eyes down to her skirt, and it doesnt bring us back up to her face... kinda need something to lead our eyes back to her face methinks.

  2. yeaa~ no boobs! haha too right ka? maybe will try to shift it to the mid abit... wanted to draw red cloth actually like flowing around her >_< yea... always have problem finding a focus place XD thanks for your critics *___* hope to hear more critics from you :3 thanks!