Friday, September 4, 2009

Keep it going! ^__^b

Yes, having the mood to keep drawing is good for me! Some doodles I did today after work...

1 hour+?

1-2 hours... On and off... XD

I kinda like the second piece but my shoulder is aching and I'm getting tired so I cincai finish it... lolz XD Well, hope to see more works coming from me! More doodles to pick back up my tablet drawing skills! Jia you Elaine!! X3


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  2. Ah looks good! Love ur colour sense cuz its so strong :) Nice stuff! Keep up the awesome work ;)

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  4. thank you girl! I will keep them coming too! you too! XD keep the passion rolling! hehehe actually cheated abit, i always use the color balance, hue and saturation and the levels to make the color more vibrant *__*lll

  5. haha. well, i wouldn't consider those cheating. more like using the tools that you're provided with. haha.

    unless you're doing traditional painting.. then.. zomg no color balance!

    gambatte ne!