Friday, May 8, 2009

Doodles and Sketches

Here is some work I've did in the previous weeks or days. Trying to practice my drawing when I got the mood/chance. Yes... Waiting myself to get the mood is REALLY hard this days... Geez.... I sounded like an old lady...

Practicing some color scheme
I did CG this at first but I hated it so I deleted the layer XD Emo drawing

Some practices I did last week
Today me, Wye Ee and Yon Hui had a speed sketch session with the theme; "Tree House." Here is what I did.

I'm weak in drawing anything other than anime faces. So lately trying to push myself to practice more on something I'm really weak at and also practice my design sense... Yes... I don't have them... sigh =( Just need to constantly draw something at the very least... T_T

When you're really down with your skills, you will start to think where is your passion? I'm worried that I'm losing them. I don't know why I like or even started drawing but Disney really make an impact in my art life and so is Sailormoon and Dragon Ball... Hope this passion I've always had since my childhood wouldn't die out... I'm officially graduating soon and I'm really not on par with the current industry... I must not be lazy! GWAH!

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