Saturday, May 9, 2009

Speed Paint : Very long title...

Had a speed paint session with Wye Ee, Ashley, Yon Hui and Yong Kang~ The theme was "Hyperactive Strawberry Human Groove." You can pick any words from it... I tried to do all... Hope I manage to do it... Here it is:

Did it in 1 hour+... I was being lame... I separated the "Straw" and the "berry." The straw have the "XO" face... Add in a hyper active girl dancing or grooving on the berries *_* The girl looks like a chili or pepper character from a four coma but I don't remember what it is... Did I make it????? D: Hope I did and I kinda like how it turns out... So colorful XD This is the others work! They're really lovely and great too! hahaha

Wye Ee
Yon Hui
Yong Kang

Overall it was a fun session! Thanks for joining and hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did! =)


  1. your works never fail to give a nice fuzzy feeling in my chest. ^____^

  2. uwahhh!!! kiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! XD hahaha! thanks for your comment! hope you like it! ;)

  3. haha! really cool one, teh-o! i wish i could join you guys :(

  4. yesh! you shall join us next time! shall try to catch you for speed paint next time and thanks for ur nice comments =)